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Welcome to Global Alliance Matrimonial

Man and woman can marry and raise a family inside our intolerant society; and it is being done in a traditional way. In today’s modern world, man is totally dependent upon the Third Party Companies. Nobody has time to move around for various other activities in this busy working schedule. Several kinds of Internet based Online Service providing Companies exist that became very friendly and popular overnight, tapping the customers demand. A whole new paradigm shift came in this Matrimony Industry in the form of Matrimony Bureau.

Matrimony Bureau is a third party facilitator providing services to both Bride and Groom or say woman and man. Both has to get registered with the Matrimonial Bureau, paying certain amount and avail the facilities of choosing their life partner from their huge database. Lots of other paid services are provided by them, on demand basis.

Global Alliance Matrimony is a new player in this market having its own brand image and impression in the market providing some of the exclusive features offered by them. This has become a huge industry due to growing demands of wedding in this hugely populated world right now, providing services across the globe online.

Humans existed on planet earth, since thousands of years but nobody knows who was the first couple who has started this matrimonial process, but somehow the first matrimonial couples were lost in the pages of history that continues through several generations, and standing tall in front of us today, in a very planned and structured manner.

Global Alliance Matrimony

How We Work
Dedicated “Select Service Advisor”, provides you select set of step by step process to find you a suitable match. That involves:


Understanding Requirements

Here our group of team expertise sit and study your requirements mentioned, and shortlist the requirements for you.


Profile Creation

Here our team takes the feedback and apply this to enhance your profile creation.


Finding Matches

This Step matches your profile with the most suitable match from the shortlisted database.


Connecting with Prospects

Our “Select Service Advisor” connect with the prospects you are interested in, and takes feedback from the available sources.


Arranging Meetings

After getting positive go ahead from both the parties, the “Select Service Advisor” team schedule a meeting for the final face to face conversation with mutual consent for location.


Happy Ending

If both the parties mutually agreed upon everything, they can discuss the rest of the formalities of the marriage.

  • One Time Registration till materialization:

    We provide life time membership for all our paid registered members that will provide you sufficient time to take your strategic decision.

  • Relationship Manager for each member:

    Each member will be attended by a separate Relationship Manager, So that the client have a feeling of being someone special with rich experience of profiling and Customer Relationship Management.

  • Association with ELITE Families:

    Our member belongs to some of the elite families of the society and you can interact with them being part of the Global Alliance Matrimony member.

  • Involvement of counselors:

    The rich experience of global alliance marriage counselors available at all the branches, for coordinating and providing support to the available members. They work in close proximity till successful finalization of the alliance.